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A New Anti-Aging Agent is Making Its Way Into Skincare, and the Results Are on Par with Many Cosmetic Procedures

Topical NAD+ products, previously available by prescription, are exploding onto the aesthetic scene. In 2020, Avior Nutritionals, the makers of Real NAD+, released a nonprescription skincare product that boasts more than twice the amount of NAD+ as its prescription predecessor.

Avior’s skincare line is called NADIA and its flagship product is a serum that is applied to the face. Kat Toups, MD, a functional medicine physician located in Walnut Creek, CA said of the serum, “The increased NAD strength (compared with prescription NAD Face Paste) translates into even more benefits for my skin.” Toups went on to call NADIA Power Serum “the anti-aging bomb!”

NADIA products are based around Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme of vitamin B3 and an essential component of every cell in our body.

As we age, the NAD+ level in our bodies decreases dramatically. NAD+ depletion has been linked to oxidative stress in human tissue, a known contributor to the aging process. Boosting NAD+ works to combat the effects of aging by promoting DNA repair, providing the cell with a weapon to neutralize free radicals, and disabling the genes that speed up the aging process. Studies performed by scientists at the UNSW School of Medical Sciences and Harvard Medical School Boston have shown NAD+ to cause cells in mice to appear and behave as cells a third of their age after only a week of treatment.

NAD+ has quickly become one of the most progressive anti-aging and cellular repair agents available and is becoming a celebrity wellness mainstay, contributing to an explosion in the number of vitamin lounges, drip bars, and medical spas throughout the country.

The release of NADIA Skincare marks a shift to incorporating NAD+ into at-home beauty applications.

NADIA Skincare is available at select medical wellness practices and at

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