can yoga reverse ageing?

Reverse Signs of Ageing in Human Cells with a 57 % Increase in Telomere Length

Scientists and researchers worldwide have undertaken extensive studies over the past many decades to prove that Yoga and meditation can boost individuals’ health and well-being. However, Divine Soul Yoga has taken a quantum leap in anti-aging & healing treatment through measuring the telomere length. Telomere length is the protective shield in every human body cell, which depicts the biological age in human beings. The initial experiment showcased that by adopting the DSY’s Eternal Youth Meditation & Healing program, the telomere length can be increased by approx. 57%. The study showcased that the biological aging process may be slowed down in the human body with Yoga & healing, or the age can be reversed by increasing the telomere length. Besides, cell healing can aid issues related to age, DNA, or even autoimmunity in the body.

During a ground-breaking study conducted with an independent research agency, healthy individuals aged 25-62 years adopted the spiritual path of healing, Yoga & meditation with Divine Soul Yoga in their lifestyle and its effect on the telomere length. Within the period of just two months under DSY’s program, before and after the experiment was conducted using blood samples, and the results demonstrated an increase in average telomere length.

Sharing his thoughts on the ground-breaking study and its impressive results, Dr. Deepak Mittal, Founder- Divine Soul Yoga, said, “We have opened up a new era of hope for human beings with our ‘Eternal Youth Meditation and Healing’ program. In the initial experiment, we have witnessed an increase of approx. 57% in the telomere length as a result of Yoga and meditation. It is a significant breakthrough that will benefit individuals in a big way as biological aging process may be slowed down or reversed with Yoga & healing. It will empower individuals to come out of the issues related to the health of the cells and live a healthy life.”

The positive results from the study prove that the human cells can be healed, which may also address critical problems like cancer, stress, and many more health issues.

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