Hemp Against Eczema

Eczema, also known as, atopic dermatitis is not a deadly disease; however, it does add an irritating, pesky feeling to every waking moment. The symptoms include redness of skin, flakes, patches, and severe itchiness. “There are several medications available for its treatment but most of them also pose a threat of side-effects. In this aspect, hemp oil has proven to be a good substitute,” said Kartikey Dadoo – one of the directors at Hemp Horizons.

“The point of taking a medication or treatment is to get relief from the disease, and not replace the symptoms with something else,” quoted Kartikey, “Besides, hemp oil is a natural, ayurvedic product that has proven to be far more effective than other drugs in various instances.”

“The main concern of a significant consumer base, about using hemp oil, is that it may result in psychotropic effects altering their state of mind. This is, however, a mere misconception. There can be no ‘mind-altering’ or ‘high’ effect by using hemp-based products since the quantity of the substance responsible for the same, i.e., THC, is limited to only 0.3%. While hemp oil does affect every person differently, the amount of time taken to act for example, it has proven to work for alleviating the symptoms in adults, children, and animals alike,” Kartikey continued.

How does hemp oil work?

No cure has been found for eczema, till date. Some medications are available in drug stores that ‘claim’ to cure it. The disadvantage, however, for such medications come with a range of side-effects. So, the symptoms disappear but there is a good chance of one developing another disease soon after. Case in point, the only way to treat eczema is to regularly moisturize the skin, and alleviating the symptoms, hemp oil takes good care of that.

Hemp oil contains ingredients like essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), stearidonic acid, and linolenic acid, which not only moisturize the skin but also increase the desiccation tolerance, i.e. the ability to withstand dryness. This does not happen overnight, of course; one needs to apply the oil continuously for a significant time period to see positive results.

“As per our experience, there is a good chance of getting relief from the eczema symptoms for a long time with continuous application of hemp oil,” Kartikey remarked.

Being a natural product, hemp oil is free of associations like side-effects as that from chemical drugs, thus making it a clear and better choice in the fight against eczema. Its consumption improves moisture retention of the skin, and can notably limit or completely eradicate the symptoms, such as rashes or itching.

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