Steps to Avoid Illness from Infectious Diseases by Dr. Nathan S. Bryan: Nitric Oxide May Be the Key

“Every year, there is an outbreak of influenza and millions of people get sick and many people die each year from the flu,” says Dr. Nathan S. Bryan. Whether the influenza virus or Coronavirus, it typically only affects those with compromised health issues. That is because normal healthy individuals are able to mount an effective immune response killing viruses, bacteria or any pathogens that invade their bodies. So, what is it about those who have compromised health issues that makes them susceptible to infections and why are healthy people protected? This is a very important question so everyone can prepare and fortify their body in case they come in contact with the Coronavirus or any other infectious agent.

A study was just published on March 2020 in the Journal of the *American Medical Association revealed that the median time to symptom onset was 10 days after exposure. Patients with cardiac injury or underlying cardiovascular disorders, which are due to low nitric oxide production fared worse than the patients with COVID-19 but no history of cardiac injury and had a 10-time higher mortality rate. More recently, it was recognized that African-Americans have three times the rate of infections and almost six times the rate of deaths than other ethnic groups. It is known from scientific and clinical research that African Americans suffer from lower levels of nitric oxide production.

Together, the data revealed that decreased nitric oxide production explains these findings. The solution to COVID-19 worldwide pandemic may well be nitric oxide. In fact, there are a number of clinical studies using inhaled nitric oxide in critically ill patients. However, we need nitric oxide prior to escalation of respiratory distress and need nitric oxide prior to hospitalization. It is better to be pro-active instead of reactive. Furthermore, we need systemic increases in nitric oxide, not just in the airways and pulmonary circulation.

Although nitric oxide is required and essential for protecting yourself from infections, it is not all that you need to do. Below are Dr. Bryan’s basic recommendations to keep yourself and your family safe from all infections including the Coronavirus. According to Dr. Nathan S. Bryan, “I have practiced these techniques for over 17 years and I have not been sick or lost a single day of work due to illness during that same time. I know it works and it can work for you and everyone in your family.”

Steps to avoid illness from infectious disease:

  1. Increase your nitric oxide levels. Take a daily nitric oxide supplement. Look for products with issued patents, clinical trials and formulated by a nitric oxide expert.
  2. Carry around colloidal silver products that you can use on your hands and spray in your nasal passages and on your throat.
  3. Use ozone in your house, hotel room, car and anywhere you are going to be. Enhanced Oxygen treatment can quickly improve the function of the immune system, help detoxify the body and kill off harmful pathogens.
  4. Use an infrared sauna. Infrared light is healing and provides the body with voltage and energy. It also generates heat so that your body heats up and sweats.
  5. Take Vitamin C daily. You can take 1,000 – 5,000 mg of Vitamin C per day.
  6. Take Iodine daily. Iodine is a natural anti-microbial. Your body needs iodine to help the immune system fight off invading pathogens. Nearly 95% of Americans are deficient in iodine.

In summary, we know from epidemiology all the way down to cellular and molecular biology, that loss of nitric oxide is the problem and restoration of nitric oxide is the solution. Address underlying risk factors in at risk patients, restore nitric oxide and perhaps even prevent infection, but at the very least, you decrease the severity of sickness, decrease the need for ventilation, and decrease death from respiratory failure from infection plus, inhibit virus replication.

Our goal every day is to fortify our body making it the strongest it can be so it can protect and defend us from the many pathogens we encounter every day. “I encourage you to stay vigilant, don’t panic but be smart about what you do and where you go. The human body is a remarkable and resilient system that is able to protect us from many dangers if we give it what it needs,” says Dr. Bryan.


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